Our Imperfect Perfect World


There are numerous instances almost everday when we loathe something or someone so dearly that we wish somehow we can cease their existence. Don’t we?
       If you ask an average person what changes would they like to bring about in the world right now if they could somehow do that (like some fairy tale). Some of the things they might say may range from being super rich, having a very hot significant other and if they are a bit on the altruistic side, they might want to eradicate poverty, terrorism, pollution, famine, racism, natural and man-made disasters etc.
       We all have our own definition of perfect even though we rarely behave within our own. Each one of us has a few grievances and complaints that we wish someone could relieve us of.
       History has one such renowned incident where one man’s view of a perfect society almost led to the annihilation of a particular race. It led to the holocaust which killed around 6 million Jews and 5 million others (physically challanged, homosexuals, Slavs). But hey, that was just his opinion. He acted upon it.
       Let’s take another example of Terrorism. One of the most gruesome evils that exists in almost every nook and corner of the world in some form. No doubt their is this collective detest against it. But from whom? From the people who are affected by it in someway and from the people around the world who watch the amount of collateral damage it causes on their television screens. But what about the terrorists themselves? They don’t seem to have any second thoughts about the havoc they are causing. They are so convinced by whatever motive they have that they don’t mind taking innocent lives. Clearly both the sides are trying to make the world perfect in their own way.
       Another aspect that sometimes pops up in my mind is that if someone actually wants the world to be perfect, they for no doubt agree that something is wrong with with way things are turning up in the world right now and that’s why they have their own perfect version of it. So I would like to ask them, if they actually believe that they are perfect themselves? Are they flawless in every sense? If the answer to the above questions is no then how can they justify their vision to be perfect moreover, applicable to the whole world.
       This is what I am trying to prove here. If we wake up tomorrow and see the world becoming everyone’s notion of perfect then some unimaginable kind of horror would strike upon this planet which would ultimately lead to more chaos in the world than there already is.
       Remember the movie Bruce Almighty. Yes, I know it was a goofy movie but I want to remind you about the part where the omnipotent Bruce gets fed up of the never ending wishlist infront of him and just impulsively decides to grant all of those wishes one fine day. What happens after that? The quirky movie was actually right about the prediction but let me assure you that the degree of it is going to be much worse.
       By now we must realise that if somehow the world gets to a point where good becomes better and the bad becomes worse, it is ultimately gonna be the worst for everyone because when two extremes collide, there is mass destruction at both ends. Nothing survives. But again, one might argue here that at least the world has finally attained equilibrium. But at what cost. The world is empty.
       So another question that automatically arises is that if perfection is not the solution then what is? To this I would say that we are asking the wrong question. The imperfect world that we are already living in is as good as it gets. The nature always has and will maintain the balance between the good and the evil. We can’t do much about it. We must stop applying the unstoppable force on the immovable object. The world was there when there were no humans, the world is there after humans have arrived and as they try to thrive in the name of development which is done at the cost of exploitation of various resources against nature’s will, there is obviously going to be some kind of retaliation in some form. So, the day this retaliation takes up a form so big that there are no humans, the world would still be.
       So in the world which we live in, we must take at stab at giving the best we can at whatever we want rather than wishing things to turn out perfectly someday and leave the rest on this whole God damn world to take care of beacuse hey, it’s as good as it gets.


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