Voiced in Symbols

 We humans from times immemorial have been explaining and communicating with our peers through voices, sounds, gestures or clubs ( in much uncivilized manner ).
     But writing, writing and drawing things to communicate was a major breakthrough because now, you don’t need those vocal chords and that tongue. Just wave some lines on mother earth and speak the unspeakable.
      Writing has been very useful to us more cultured and evolved humans as through writing we have imparted all our understandings of nature and our ways to counter its adversities.
     We wrote how to sharpen our tools, how to make a boat, how to tame a horse, how to send a dog into space. Every word that our ancestors wrote down became a way of life to us.
     Mightier than sword, pen is mightier than everything we ever created. A weapon to protect is a weapon to attack. And it won’t be wrong to state that in this 21st century as we call it,  we never felt shy to pull our pens out in any moral battlefield we set foot into.
      But that would be a trivial case to talk about, writing gave birth to a greater form of human communication. The kind which brought emotions humans didn’t know existed or haven’t experienced in their normal world. The kind which took them to deepest of the valleys and on the highest edges of mountains while they were waiting for a coffee or travelling to their mundane destinations through an unvarying journey.
     This form had a remarkable ability of staying in the minds of  reader in form of a feeling, long after he had forgotten all the syllables and word conjunctions of the script. This form had varying appearances depending how it was structured.
      It may have appeared in stanzas with rhymes as Poetry, or it may have come with twists and climax as Prose, or it may have appeared with dialogues and settings as Play. In all the appearances it left behind some emotion which was sometimes complex to explain as humans cannot put into words everything they feel. But they remember what they felt for a longer time.
     There were artists who would scribble something so great that the whole world would stand in awe. They would put some words so strategically that nations and generations born through them. They used the pen in the most richest of its forms.  And this was not taught to them because then, they would already be living in someone else’s world, this was nurtured by themselves. Kept in a box and opened daily to walk a little, left in a field to run wild, thrown in tides to meet at the end. This was not taught to them, this happened.
     People are criticized for talking too much, people are judged for speaking without thinking it over. But they would never be criticized for writing too much, they would never be blamed for not thinking it through. Because this is what you are leaving behind with every passing moment of your life. And this is what will remain after all your moments are spent.
We humans till time unknown will value everything we write today.


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